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How do I achieve my ideal weight? Basic advice

A person’s ideal weight depends directly on their eating habits but also on their build, morphology, lifestyle, the amount of physical exercise they get and other factors... Even so, there are three pieces of basic advice which are certain to help you to lose kilos without losing health.

Gradually change to a healthy lifestyle

Gradually change to a healthy lifestyle and eat more wholegrain cereals (rice, pasta, bread…), pulses, fruit and vegetables.

It is known that the Mediterranean diet is very healthy and that it prevents the main chronic diseases. However, you should know that adopting it as a regular way of eating is the key to the control of body weight. Thus, basing your diet on the consumption of wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, wholegrain rice, pulses, fruit and vegetables is the most intelligent way of maintaining your figure. If you also eat more fish (including oily fish like sardines and salmon) than meat (preferably lean like rabbit or chicken), you will achieve the maximum balance to your diet.

Base your eating on “internal regulation”: hunger and fullness

Just like our sleep mechanism needs habits and timetables to function properly, our hunger and fullness mechanisms mean that we need to follow one rule: don’t wait until you're really hungry to eat. When we’re very hungry, we tend to choose the wrong types of food. The key, therefore, is to eat at least 5 times a day, which, moreover, is associated with greater calorie expenditure in digestive processes (chewing, swallowing, digestion, absorption...).

You can, for example, use snacks between meals, to boost this mechanism. 

Gradually increase your physical activity

Gradually increase your physical activity until you are doing at least 30 minutes of pleasant, satisfactory exercise.

Physical exercise prevents excess weight and helps you slim for various reasons. One is that the more time we spend doing physical activities, the more fat we use as fuel. Another reason is that muscle at rest consumes almost exclusively fat. So, the more muscle mass you have (which you gain, as you know, doing exercise), the more fat is used at rest.

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