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Interesting ingredients. Rice

Its principle nutrient is carbohydrates, it contains some proteins (7%) and, in the natural state, quite a lot of vitamins and minerals, a large part of which tend to be lost (up to 85% less vitamins) in refining and polishing processes. One way of decreasing the loss of vitamins is by steaming the rice.

Among its benefits, it is notably rich in carbohydrates, has practically no fat and is a cholesterol-free food. Furthermore, its content of vitamins, minerals and fibre is boosted if it is wholegrain.

It can be eaten every day, thanks to its carbohydrate content.

As regards the type of rice, we recommend wholegrain rice, because of its higher supply of protective substances and fibre.

There are hundreds of ways of cooking and eating rice… You can eat it, for example, in the form of rice cakes, in paella, in sautés, steamed, baked… There are lots of ways to enjoy this ingredient.

Rice (preferably wholegrain) should form part of all balanced diets, including weight control diets. You can, for example, use rice cakes.

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