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Interesting ingredients. Chocolate

Variety is essential in any diet. In a balanced diet, it isn’t necessary to exclude any product and, therefore, there is no reason to prohibit chocolate, especially dark chocolate, which does not contain cholesterol.

And furthermore, you should know that a recent scientific study has given the green light to the consumption (moderate, yes) of dark chocolate. This study assessed the antioxidant capacity of foods, i.e. the capacity that they have to prevent oxidation of our cells. Well, the “winning” food in an antioxidant capacity was dark chocolate. This is due to its high concentration of “phytochemicals”, a group of substances which are beneficial for our body and present in food of plant origin.

It is currently known that the sugar from chocolate enters the blood slowly. This slow entry of sugar into the blood is positive from the point of view of prevention of excess weight (when sugar appears rapidly in the blood it tends to be stored in the form of fat). Eat sensibly and you will be able to enjoy pleasure and health at the same time.

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