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Interesting ingredients. Nutritional aids

In a well planned diet, it isn’t necessary to resort to supplements or aids. However, the Western lifestyle makes it difficult to a great extent, to plan healthy eating every day of the week. For this reason, we suggest a series of supplements which will help you achieve the necessary balance that your diet should have.


Current recommendations for fibre revolve around 30 grams a day. However, the Spanish take an average of 18 grams. The ideal is to increase consumption of wholegrain cereals (rice, bread, pasta, breakfast cereals), fruit, vegetables, pulses and nuts. But if, for whatever reason you can’t find a way of introducing a sufficient amount of these foods into your diet, we suggest that you try a fibre-based supplement. It has been shown that fibre increases the sensation of fullness, improves functioning of the intestine, regulates cholesterol and triglycerides and has countless more benefits.

Beer yeast

This is a really interesting supplement packed with vitamins and minerals, but also rich in fibre. It has an extremely high content of B group vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B9), with the exception of vitamin B12. As regards its mineral content, it is worth highlighting selenium, an important anti-oxidizing factor, as well as iron, zinc and even calcium. So, we have a very attractive supplement to balance your daily diet.

Soy rich in isoflavones

Soy, a bean originally from China, is one of the most promising foods which has already been shown, in well designed scientific studies, to reduce the main risk factors associated with mortality in the West. Why? Mainly due to its high content in fibre, plant proteins, vitamins and antioxidants, such as isoflavones, which are considered to prevent the oxidation of cholesterol in humans. Furthermore, its effects on the alleviation of menopausal symptoms, its preventative action in osteoporosis and its stimulating effect on the immune system are also being studied.

Filling supplements

There are supplements which, in a weight control diet, can help regulate the sensation of hunger and therefore, make it easier to follow an eating plan. They are basically composed of fibre extracted from fruit, vegetables or algae, so that combined with healthy eating and the essential physical exercise, they give a greater feeling of fullness. This is caused because they increase the volume of the food bolus thanks to their capacity to retain water (and fat!) in the intestine.


In spite of continuing scientific debate on the usefulness of taking multivitamin supplements, one of the best expert committees in nutrition, from Harvard University, considers that providing that the supplement does not exceed 100% of the vitamin recommendation, it is very likely that it increases the quality of life and life expectancy. Don’t substitute these supplements for healthy eating, but take them like a joker in a good game of cards: they won’t help you win if you have bad cards, but will help you if you’re well on the way..

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