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My Healthy Diet. Curious facts

One in every four Spaniards wants to lose weight.

56% of Spaniards think that they weigh a lot because their bones are heavy or they retain fluids.

The expenditure associated with excess weight and obesity is 7% of the annual healthcare expenditure in Spain (2,500 million Euros).

Despite having a lot of calories, nuts have been associated with weight control.

We only eat an average of one piece of fruit a day and the minimum recommended is two.

Pasta was introduced into Italy and Spain by the Arabs.

Eating fruit after meals is recommended because it increases the absorption of iron.

Botanically, tomatoes and olives… are fruit!

The peanut, botanically speaking, is not a nut - it’s a pulse.

Oily fish has gone from being considered as not recommendable (due to its fat content) to essential (due to the quality of its fats).

Removing or not removing the skin from 100 grams of chicken can mean a difference of up to 100 kilocalories due to the fat in the skin.

Athletes and pregnant women mistakenly believe that they should eat a lot of red meat (for its protein), when experts say that this is not necessary.

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