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Be positive!. Sleep

Numerous studies relate not sleeping with common physical and mental illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure, anxiety and depression.

7 keys to refreshing sleep:

  1. Surroundings: it is very important that the surroundings are favourable to rest. Remove yourself from noise such as the radio and television and from lights.
  2. Temperature: the temperature should be between 18º and 19º.
  3. Timetable: it is advisable to maintain a more or less fixed timetable, both the time for going to bed as well as the time for getting up, even at weekends.
  4. Nap? Yes, if it is a supplement to rest, but you shouldn't consider it as compensation for sleepless nights.
  5. Eating: avoid heavy dinners which alter the digestive system, as well as substances such as caffeine, alcohol and tobacco.
  6. Exercise: it isn’t advisable to do vigorous exercises before sleeping, because it stimulates the nervous system. Relaxation exercises, deep-breathing or listening to music aid sleep.
  7. Routines: routines make it easier to fall asleep. Example: take a hot bath or read.

There is a close relationship between sleep and health. Your life plan should consider it a priority to dedicate 8 hours to refreshing sleep.

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